do you take time to enjoy life and your blog

23 Nov

With Christmas coming I like to help people focus on change and happiness. This post is going to be short and sweet. It’s a simple question.

Do you take time to enjoy life and your blog?

Yes or No.

It shows.

If you aren’t enjoying blogging it shows up in your life and vice versa. Your voice, attitude, anger…everything you do reflects who you are. It is transparent on your audience and the people you spend time with.

So many people are in it for short term gain, they lose site of the bigger picture. Take the time to review what you are doing. Reflect. How do you want to do things and make a difference in the world? It’s all connected.

It’s important to love what you do. Passion adds purpose.

Your audience needs to feel valued – to know you care. Friends and family need it too. If you aren’t happy with where you are going, it’s time to review, rethink and retool.

Told you this was going to be short. Get to it. Go out and enjoy yourself. It’s worth it in the long run.

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