20 Simple Ways to Reduce Climate Change – Blog Action Day 2009

15 Oct

Today, October 15, 2009 is Blog Action Day 2009 and the topic is Climate Change, something I have yet to speak about. I don’t generally write about the scientific side of environmental issues but rather everyday solutions and living with a lighter footprint. That is not going to change today.

Climate Change is something that was until recently called global warming. Global Warming is by definition an increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s entire surface. Climate Change is changes in regional climate such as humidity, rainfall, wind, temperature and severe weather events. As you can see the latter is much more dramatic and impacts our lives in very concrete ways.

There is no disputing the issue, global leaders and almost all of the worlds scientists agree and are taking actions. Many people feel helpless but little every day actions can make a big difference. They add up. But the change needs to be very large scale.

Simple Ways to Reduce Climate Change

We need to take action within the next decade to reverse the already devastating effects of climate change. Instead of looking at problems let’s look at some simple solutions in key areas where each individual can make a big difference.


  1. Change your mode of Transportation – bike, walk, carpool, just drive less
  2. Maintain your car weekly by checking the fluids and tire pressure & change your driving habits by reducing your speed and idling


  1. Replace Light bulbs with LED or CFLs
  2. Wash with a full load (use cold water) & use a clothes line
  3. Reduce water – Don’t leave the water running. Change your shower head and habits, run dishwasher full
  4. Home heating & cooling – Change the temperature by just 2 degrees, maintain your HVAC System, get green energy tags
  5. Replace & Recycle old appliances
  6. Winter proof or weatherize your home
  7. Recycle everything – and don’t forget alternative uses and reduction
  8. Be green in your garden – water less, use a push mower and be natural
  9. Turn all items off, not just the lights – think about computers, appliances and other unused items in the house. They all suck electricity.
  10. plant native trees and flowers to maintain eco-system and produce oxygen


  1. Review your paper consumption habits
  2. Reduce or eliminate business travel – teleconference, travel light

Consumer Habits

  1. Buy local, organic, fresh produce when possible
  2. Change your habits – reduce all fossil fuels, waste and plastic consumption by reviewing purchasing habits – reduce packaging, travel time and products. Don’t forget to bring a bag and mug for you coffee or drink.
  3. Become a Minimalist – you would be surprised at what you really need.


  1. Spread the Word – write a letter to the government,  newspaper or blog; tell your friends, teachers, employees,  and colleagues.
  2. Get involved in a community or conservation group
  3. Learn more and learn why

There you have it – 20 simple ways to reduce climate change. These are simple things that you can do in a matter of minutes. Taking the time will make a difference. Thank you for reading my post on Blog Action Day 2009 on climate change. Please add your comments with other simple actions we can take to make a difference. I know there are hundreds more.

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