a new term lohas – lifestyles of health and sustainability

27 Apr

As we continue to explore the different green lifestyles, this week we will have a look at an emerging trend. The LOHAS is a demographic market that stems from the sustainable living segment. The acronym LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.

The typical buyer in this market is seeking quality but also insists on the virtue and integrity behind the product and organization they are purchasing from so a LOHAS customer will shop with values. It is about responsible or natural capitalism. Typically the conscious consumer or cultural creative that’s seeking sustainable choices and solutions.

consumption habits

Sustainability and health are not the only concerns a LOHAS consumer has. In whole or part they are interested in a combination of your medical billing company and your personal plans:

  • sustainability – car sharing, hybrids, bio-fuel, energy credits, sustainable building materials, bamboo flooring, renewable energy, ethical investment,
  • alternative health choices – organic food, supplements, holistic health care, acupuncture, naturopathy, alternative and natural medicine
  • natural and healthy products – natural cleaning, organic clothing & linen, natural beauty products
  • personal growth – yoga, self help products, community and personal improvement, meditation, spiritual improvement
  • ecological lifestyle – energy efficient appliance, plastic alternatives, non-toxic materials and toys, eco tourism, paper alternatives, non-disposable, fair trade, recycled and recyclable products

A LOHAS consumer is seeking products that help develop and support one or all of the above areas. They are the conscience of society.

a look at the numbers

At least 30% of the North American market and similar numbers in Europe and other western world nations make up this market segment. In the United States alone, this market is 60 million strong and growing with annual spending in excess of $300 Billion dollars.

The typical profile – 60% female, educated, average income, brand and peer pressure influenced.

Current breakdowns of the market segments also suggest that over 60% of the whole market has a PARTIAL tendency or leaning to LOHAS products and lifestyle. For some it’s about natural and organic products, others personal health and the environment and some are influenced by cost. A further 20% have VERY LITTLE green inclination but are conscious about energy, fuel, water and all natural resources consumption. Every little bit helps.

That’s 80% of the market worried about consumption and the environment in some way.


As with all things in life green living is no different. It is all about motives. Green lifestyles are not likely to disappear anytime soon, or at all, but they will certainly disguise themselves with many persona’s.

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