We filter the noise so you get the information you need. Why complicate things?

This site is managed by the simply stephen network who has a successful large Twitter Community @simplystephen50 and blog on green simple living. We provide content in manageable chunks and direct you with assignments and resources to pursue and take life a little further.

We try to keep things brief and simple (80 percent of the time) – there is already enough info to digest. Our content is fresh and original and we make an effort to promote and support green ethical organizations.

This site, the hub of the network, shares green insights that capture the essence of simplicity, social change & green simple living. There are several key areas incorporated into the content.

  • Sustainable Living – more than just reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Community – think global, go local
  • Socially Conscious – diversity, peace, poverty & social injustice
  • Conservation – environment, habitat & global resources
  • Healthy Choices – attitude, spirit, mind, body & consumption
  • Quality of Life – which brings it all together

Be the change you want to see. ~ Ghandi

Clearly the choice is ours! Change happens but if we eliminate poverty, reduce consumption and provide sustainable solutions we can thrive on this planet. You can create an abundant life that reduces your footprint on the world. Here’s what to focus on:

  • find ways simplify life, be productive & save money
  • be green minded – find your inner green self
  • discover healthy, organic, natural, fair trade, ethical products, services and ideas
  • connect with socially conscious citizens interested a sustainable planet

The other sites in the network incorporate green philosophies but are focused on a different topic – we still keep ’em simple. There are future plans for more sites but here’s our current list:

  • Cope With Life – from an everyday guy talking about stuff he’s been through. Hopefully these experiences and solutions can help you cope with your life obstacles. Areas touched upon include adoption, anger & stress, child abuse,clutter, debt, depression, divorce, parenting, work & more…
  • Have A Niche Day – explore the tools and skills needed to discover your path to passive (or simple) methods for online income.
  • Tools For Twits – Twitter Tool Reviews in 140 words or less…with a dash of feedback on everything Twitter.
  • The Yurtopia Project (coming in early 2010) – community of affordable sustainable rural housing – an off-grid alternative to life.
  • Living On A Dime (coming in early 2010) – learn how to get by on a dime. Tips and ideas on all aspects of how to save money and live on less.

six steps to success

Here’s six suggestions with explanations for how you can maximize the benefit of visiting any simply stephen website.

  1. policies – we think you will find our policies simple and refreshing!
  2. community – we like to interact and encourage you to make comments to provoke thought and dialogue. Follow our large public Twitter community at simplystephen50 for daily acts of green. We make efforts to respond to all private messages and mentions.
  3. free eCourse – where you will learn how to simplify your life and create a lighter footprint in the process. Continue to receive exclusive weekly lessons to help simplify all aspects of your life – only available by subscription.
  4. simple siments -help get you achieve your goals and focus with a simple assignment. These assignments are inserted into posts. Be sure to look for the key to find the assignments.
  5. two cents – follow the taxi to quality resources and tools that will help you expand your knowledge and provide further solutions.
  6. abc’s – a glossary of terms with simple definitions & explanations for clarity.

No animals were harmed in the making of this website. The images and stories are real – audience participation is mandatory. What you are about to see may induce social and environmental global change – caution advised!

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