bear paws, cordless saws and tiresome laws

27 Apr

Getting Ready to move off grid in the 1978 New RV - April 2012


The last week has been even busier than the previous one.

So much to deal with before going off grid.

I injured my knee last week but it seems to have recovered (somehow, must have been in my sleep because I don’t know why). I wasn’t going to let it stop me but it sure did slow me down.

It’s better now.

Thanks for asking.

Not only am I packing up, but I’m preparing a location in the wilderness to park a vehicle. I need to tool myself properly for off grid living which means getting rid of stuff I just can’t use and finding the right things.

I had to go up tot he property to pick up the gate key and prepare the landscape for parking the RV. I’m so excited about retiring an RV to become a Tiny home. It’s a great way to give it new life. In the meantime on the property, we had to take down a few branches and being green I actually transplanted several trees to create a hedge and to save them from being destroyed.

Fear not, we will be planting many trees and, all indigenous with the exception of the fruit orchard and vegetable gardens we put in.

So the camping area is prepared now but I still had so much to do back in Peterborough.

I picked up a cordless tool kit second hand. Found it online for $40. With no power, it’s a handy item. Has a drill, reciprocating saw, light and skill saw.

I’ve also picked up an extra strong battery for my new lightweight laptop. It’s a 9 cell lithium, which will give me about 8-12 hours of battery life now. I also picked up an Asus Transformer Tablet to do all my reading and other media while off grid. When I find a keyboard attachment for it, I will be able to get a good 10-15 hours of reading and research done on it. It also acts as a great backup machine in a pinch.

I won’t be getting Web access on the property.

Yeah. Off grid means I have to drive about 20 kilometres to the closest library or town for supplies and Internet access.

My work will be a lot more deliberate. Something I’m looking forward to since it will help me focus and prepare. I will also be able to really concentrate on my writing, in particular the couple “book like” projects I want to turn into useful tools for you guys.

I also picked up some more general non toxic items, replacing plastic items with glass, an ongoing project to eliminate plastic. Most of the things have now been picked up for now. Some of them I will not need to get until May or June, after I have already moved there, which is approaching fast.

Still need a couple buckets for waste (I know they are plastic), glass carboy for water, couple more glass containers, propane tank and a few cooking items but I can make do if I’m not able to find them.

It’s all about patience and resisting the urge to buy new items from the big bad corporations. I did actually go into a dollar store and buy some duct tape, a BBQ scraper and spray bottle. It just seemed like a logical place to stock up.

I’ll be glad when it is all done. Being the anti-consumer I am, I realize it is a necessary evil to get prepared but usually I go months without buying anything.This has been hard for me, though the computer stuff is cool for a geek like me, otherwise shopping is not too much fun.

Food is the exception. I love shopping the markets for fresh produce.

I do like getting a deal though and I’m very resourceful.

One of the reasons I wanted these items immediately is to make sure I can keep my place sealed and clean. I don’t want smells so the spray bottle is my cleaning bottle with a solution of vinegar, tea tree oil and water. The scraper is for keeping the new BBQ clean.

Why so urgent? At the gate of Eden Wild we saw a fresh bear track.

So, I’ll need to get an airhorn, just in case.

Oh…and I need a camera to document all of this for you guys…and me too.

Lastly, I’ve had to adjust my time schedule after finding out the tow truck was going to cost a minimum of $700 to move it up to the location.

So the red tape parade begins. I’ve had to find a friend to help me out. He will drive my car and I will drive the ancient RV which I hope makes it on the journey safely. That means I now have to register the vehicle, pay taxes on it, get a temporary plate permit and insure it for just one day.

Phone calls. Visits in person to the registration office. I also had to spend 12 emails back and forth to convince my insurance company, whom I’ve been with for 28 years to insure the vehicle for the 10 day permit.

They declined. I insisted. They made it complicated.

I told them about my patronage.

I won.

Time spent. Frustrating.

Do you hear it? One of the reasons I want to move off grid is to get away from the social bureaucracy and madness we all seem to face in the world today.

I’m also trying to get the desktop computer and monitor sold. I need to spend a bit of time tweaking my new computers but generally, I’ll just wing it.

One last run to the donation box next week and on Saturday I’ll be heading up north. I’ll fill you in next week on what’s happened.

These are some of the reasons I will be slowing down on the blog posts for a while and concentrating on other things.

Very exciting. Very tiring.

The next chapter begins soon…next week will prove to be even more eventful.

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