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I fondly look back at a few road trips with my family as a child. Driving across Canada or the USA was a common holiday. Nowadays, it isn’t quite so green or affordable. Sometimes we visited friends but other times we camped or stayed in a motel. We always looked for the place that had […]

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Today is earth day, something I have mixed feelings about. There are many wonderful things about raising awareness and joining activities that build community. The same goes for various other days of the year that involve various social and medical causes. every day should be earth day! Our planet and resources are finite. Clean air, […]

The year 2010 has finally arrived. A warm welcome to all my readers. This year I took some time to reflect over the holiday’s. My focus this year is on consumption and simple green changes. Ones that are easy to implement with a dramatic impact on the environment. By reducing our footprint on the planet […]

There are a few things I stay away from on simply stephen and they include political and corporate discussions. I don’t think of myself as an antagonist or activist. I try to be a catalyst for change but not change in the global machine, rather change in our daily activities and commitments. With almost 7 […]

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Today, October 15, 2009 is Blog Action Day 2009 and the topic is Climate Change, something I have yet to speak about. I don’t generally write about the scientific side of environmental issues but rather everyday solutions and living with a lighter footprint. That is not going to change today. Climate Change is something that […]

This will be a short post to make a request and indicate a special post that will be delivered on October 15, 2009. I don’t normally focus or participate in many events but climate change is a major concern. If it isn’t, it should be. I am not a doomsayer but it is threatening all […]

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A few of you might have noticed a frog theme on the simply stephen blog. Perhaps you asked, “What’s with the frog thing?” or simply thought nothing of it. It was a deliberate choice to include frogs in the theme. The frog is a special animal and one that is dear to me. I’ll explain […]

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