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It’s time for a change…recently, I announced that simply stephen would be slowing down and bringing about a change. It really is my personal site where I express my views on minimalism, low impact living, alternative lifestyles and green living. One of my passions is affordable housing. I mean really affordable housing, like the $3000 […]

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It’s been a bit of a tumultuous journey the last couple months. Closing up from my amazing off grid adventure this summer took a great deal of effort during an extremely cold and wet end of season. It was topped off with tropical storm Sandy and some damage on the property to my neighbour Neil’s […]

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  So far it’s been quite an adventure moving off the grid. Not all of it has been a bed of roses, there were challenges and hardships but there’s a silver lining and solution for everything. Time, patience and ingenuity has proved to be the best way to look at things, however a little bit […]

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It was quite an adventure this year getting used to life off grid in my own surroundings. It’s Certainly had it’s ups and downs, which I’ll write about soon, but I’ve experimented with so many types of living, It’s all just a fantastic journey to me. One big giant learning experience. With limited funds and […]

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Even though we are late in the season, Neil (the other RVer on site) and I decided to buy 3 large canvas prospector tents for $100 total. They are manufactured by the Timothy Eaton Company (sadly a Canadian Iconic Company no longer in business). We picked them up a few weeks ago from an interesting […]

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This question is a good one “how do you keep warm living off grid?”. I have a few options. Electric. Propane. The RV Engine, DIY heater, Candles, Insulation, Clothing, fan, A/C, Location, Clothing. Depending on the type of housing, you have a variety of choices. insulate and seal Just like in a home, it’s important […]

Over the last few weeks I’ve talked about off grid power and technology (which uses power). One of the ways to reduce the need for electricity is to reduce the devices that consume power and to buy energy smart devices. I have very few items that use electricity but actually think I have too many […]

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Back to those questions “How do you get internet and do you have satelite?” Most people just can’t believe I live without Internet access, television and a phone. The reality is I have access to all three while living i show you how to Unlock iPhone 6 off the grid. All of them rely on […]

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Another one of those questions “How do you live without power?” makes me laugh. The question actually floors me, have we digressed that much in the world. Just because my RV isn’t hooked into the grid, doesn’t mean I don’t have a plethora of options. It is overwhelming, even when I lived on the grid, […]

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