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There really is a big difference between going green versus being green. Green is not about consuming “green friendly products”. It’s not about making an eco choice. It’s about thinking in a more gentle way and doing no harm. That’s hard for most of us! We’ve been trained to consume and purchase. We want more…not […]

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The world is seemingly more green. Perhaps it actually is. What has actually happened is that green awareness has come to the forefront. It’s becoming mainstream. Marketers are using catch phrases and riding the green wave. Usually that is a good thing! When anything starts to take off, people become educated and make better decisions. […]

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We hear about sustainable choices but what is meant by sustainability? I’ve talked about what does green mean and even created my own version of a definition of going green but how do you define sustainable? definition: adj.~ method of harvesting or using a resource so it is not depleted or permanently damaged A simple […]

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Ready in 5 Minutes I want it all and I want it now! To contrast last weeks post on the Things in Life that are Important, it’s time to take a look at instant gratification versus gratitude. It seems to have taken over and is certainly rampant, perhaps a little too much. With a slowed […]

Greenwashing is an offshoot of whitewashing, a term that describes the act of concealing or hiding in a deceptive manner to give the appearance of clean. So what is greenwashing all about? It is the art of companies depicting a green action when the motive is to make the consumer think they are looking after […]

A definition of going green is a starting point for understanding it’s implications. It’s so confusing. There is a lot of conflicting information. I’ve spoken about this before in what green means and green is not a four letter word. Some people are extreme purists and green lifestyle is entrenched in everything they do, while […]

These are 7 simple words I hear all the time – “I can’t be bothered to go green”. It just floors me, every time! But it’s very true. Unfortunately, we live in a world of convenience and the majority of people appear not to care about the environment, instead it is about time spent and […]

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Green is a broad term that means so many things to different people. There is a common misconception that relates it to the political left-wing, such as the green party or the environment. Here is a list of green values, it’s very close to mine. Note that the green party is one of very few […]

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