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You’ve probably noticed an absence of blogging recently. There are a number of reasons. I’ve had very little time and access to the web and when I did it was for a short bursts. With the days getting shorter, our small solar system has provided very little in the way of power. To top things […]

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Some of you might know this. I just bought a recreational vehicle (RV) as a seasonal living arrangement. I took possession in October and with the sweet weather we’ve been having, I’m itching to move into now. Very exciting. I’m evolving to a mobile solution. It’s an older vehicle, propane converted with two sleeping areas, […]

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how to create change

10, Nov 2011

The best way to make changes is to lead by example. Gandhi’s widely overused adage “be the change” really does illustrate how to make a difference in the world. But what stimulates positive growth and change? Instead of lengthy discussion, I’ve decided to create a waterfall today (I tried to pair them up too). Self […]

Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to get somewhere. Life is not a race – take your time and get it done right. I often talk about quantity and quality. Today is no different. As long as you take action and move forward you will get there. Wherever there is! Why, you ask? […]

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There is a high price to pay for materialism. When the value of things is more important than the value of people, there is clearly a problem. Strong evidence exists that materialism and happiness are co-related. The more material a person is, the less happy they are. And this consumerism brings a heavy cost to […]

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There are many blogs and web businesses that talk about green living. They tout minimalism, going green, saving energy, a zen lifestyle, recycling and the likes. But with all the greenwashing out there it’s hard to know who’s the real deal and who’s jumping on the green bandwagon. Probably a little bit of both…and heck […]

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I long to be content…often I am. I want to be forgiving…at times emotions rule. I wish I was compassionate…many times I judge. I try to practice patience…sometimes I fail. I strive to be productive…things go up and down. In life we have our ups downs. Our moments and mistakes. It happens to everyone. A […]

what is a locavore

3, Aug 2011

Part 3 of a 3 part series on local living Local living is quite the movement and we discussed the benefits in our last article going loco or going local: 15 reasons that count. There a many different phrases popping up. A locavore is someone that chooses to eat foods that are grown locally. Generally […]

Part 2 of a 3 part series on local living People are making steps to change. There is a movement going on. Last time we talked about globalization versus localization but the green movement comes in many different shapes and sizes. One way to participate is by supporting your local community. Not just the community […]

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