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Holiday time is a big deal. This time of year we’ve go really crazy. People want to go bigger and better. They stress out. Many spend tons of money. That leads to debt and stress in the new year. All that consumption comes at another cost too…our relationships and the relationship with the planet. Sound […]

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A simple office complements a simple life. The productivity in your office is a conduit for time and prosperity. Without distraction you are much more likely to achieve your goals. less clutter – less stuff – more productivity That’s good for the environment, your mind and wallet. There are three main proponents in keeping a […]

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After a couple of weeks of relaxation it is time to get back to the routine and post a new article. While I was away catching up with friends and family many discussions came up. One stuck in my mind. As I was browsing through my files I discovered a previously published, yet now dormant […]

Have you ever difficulty figuring out how to simplify? Here’s a little trick. Reduce anything you have multiples of to one item. One pen. One winter jacket. One spring coat. One drawer of files. One swimsuit. One television. One stereo. One guitar. One car. One storage device. One shelf of books. One toolbox. One computer […]

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As a non consumer it is hard for me to encourage people to consume at Christmas but I still encourage everyone to enjoy the season with friends, family and co-workers. Instead of creating a new Christmas post and “cashing in” on the season, I decided to recap some simple and green previously written articles. A […]

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I’ll cut right to the chase, I’m not going to look at the commercial aspects of  eco friendly packaging but rather what individual consumers and small business can do to create a greener impact. traditional  methods of packaging Everything we buy has to come in some form of packaging to protect it from damage, deliver […]

For those of you that have left Christmas to the last minute, here’s a few simple green last minute Christmas ideas. Green, clean, inexpensive, easy, thoughtful and fun. pay it forward and make a donation on someone’s behalf bake some cookies, breads, treats or cakes better yet do cookies in a jar offer your time […]

Christmas is a time of sharing, celebrating and giving form many.  The commercial aspects of Christmas have turned in to a frenzy of purchasing that defeats the purpose. Think of all the things you have and consider pay it forward Christmas gifts this year. For the person that has everything, perhaps it time to look […]

I don’t often write holiday themes on simply stephen but thought a little note on how to green your Halloween would be refreshing. For this consumer holiday it is easy to overlook some simple steps you can take to a greener Halloween. Green Costume – try to make your costume or find a costume exchange. […]

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