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Impulsive behaviour is rampant. It’s contagious. It lurks in every corner. It’s spawns from the radio, television, web…and more. It’s everywhere. It controls so much of our every day actions. Actions designed to help you part with your money. To get things you don’t really need. To create desire. So impulse becomes your greatest enemy. […]

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After discussing a dozen obvious ways to reduce household waste, I thought it would be interesting to expand with some more creative less obvious (yet equally important) ways to reduce waste. The little things have a dramatic impact on the footprint you leave behind. trash audit – take a week to write down and review everything […]

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There are countless obvious ways to reduce household waste. Instead of wasting (sorry) time with a lecture of all the benefits to the environment and your household, let’s just take a minute and list some of key areas that will help you reduce your footprint. packaging – avoid excessive packaging or packaging of any kind. […]

According to Stats Canada over 700 million batteries are sold annually and only 5% of those are rechargeable. But did you know that approximately 60% of those end up in the trash while only 25% dispose of them properly (the remaining 15% keep hold of them)? I’m not trying to use scare tactics or impose […]

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Zero waste is possible, it begins with you. There are many naysayers that spout all kinds of reasons why it’s not possible to eliminate pollution, reduce waste, change the government, drive alternatives, use sustainable fuel sources, eat organic and so on…but the truth is, anything can be achieved. When humans first walked on the planet, […]

There are a few simple habits that take very little effort but have a massive impact on the environment. Some regions have implemented laws, while others have programs to encourage change. Furthermore, many companies offer incentives and savings if you participate. And yet, the majority of people, still refuse to take the time. The effort […]

On Tuesday, I talked about the escalating problem of electronic waste and how product life cycle, including disposal and consumption habits are contributing exponentially. I have discussed consumption in great detail but for the last couple days, I’ve been contemplating actions that reduce electronic waste and how we can implement solutions. I’ve decided to create […]

After talking about the merits and issues with online media, I thought I’d follow up with a quick overview on the hazards of electronic waste. These hazards have been posing a threat for several decades and most of us are oblivious  – we turn our heads. As manufacturers produce more and more electronic equipment, computers, […]

While the benefits are plentiful, there is also a burden of online media. There is a cost to using online media in the consumption of power. Much of that power is still fueled by traditional hydro generation including coal and water. Nuclear, though cited as clean has it’s dangers – just look at Chernobyl and […]

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