doing laundry off grid

19 Jul

Another of those questions I get about off grid living is “how do you do Laundry, Stephen?”.

Just like you, I use water and a washing agent to clean my clothes. I’ve been using an eco friendly solution for years. I add a bit of vinegar and tea tree oil to rinse them.

My tools:

  1. A bucket with lid
  2. water
  3. eco laundry detergent (or make your own with washing flakes, an essential oil and vinegar)
  4. vinegar
  5. tea tree oil
  6. rope (for a clothes line)
  7. wooden laundry pegs (I try to stay away from plastic)
  8. home mad wooden laundry stand











I’ve made a laundry stand with the spare sink I removed from the RV, so I now have a great place to get my laundry done. I can rinse the items in the sink and let them drain into the bucket. I’ve made the rest of the stand from leftover wood trimmings, bark and all. Looks funky.

The process:

  1. rinse extra dirty items in water and bucket first and shake well
  2. wring them out gently to save the fabric
  3. place in bucket with detergent and shake to wash
  4. leave for as long as I want
  5. wring out soapy clothes (at a time of day when the mosquito’s are low)
  6. soak in water to rinse (usually I shake and wring a couple times)
  7. Also leave to soak
  8. hang up on clothes line








The water will cause no harm to the environment.

I dispose of it a little bit away from the camp because of slight smells which can attract animals and bugs. I also want to be conscious about keeping the camp available as my living area.

I usually have a bucket or two going every few days to keep it simple. The time it consumes is minimal and I may do it in stages depending on how bad the bugs or the weather is.

No hurry. Besides,  who is going to see me in my dirty clothes, the bear?

One of many reasons, I want to be off grid to live a life with far less worry, not more.


In a pinch, or if I want to get my laundry really clean (or it’s been raining for days) I can go to the laundry mat to get my clothes super clean and than come home and hang them on the line.

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