dropping in and dropping out

12 Jul

This could be the first post I’ve done for July.

It’s been busy the last few weeks and I may have forgotten to tell you about my annual summer vacation. In  both July and August I always take a week or two to visit with friends and enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes I end up helping my friends out with projects.

After my awful fall, where I badly hurt my left wrist at the beginning of June, I was hoping July would show me better luck but… I injured my right hand with a swollen tendon while painting and doing other building and tasks. The swelling has now come down but it is still sore and there is inflammation.

Needless to say, as a writer and someone living off grid that has to haul water, cut logs, trim branches, garden, build things and so on it’s important to have the use of my hands. My mother and father have both suffered from decades of sore hands, carpal tunnel, tendinitis and other hand issues so…I know about the importance of protecting them.

I decided to take it easy and reduce my writing, computer use and activity to recover…it was perfect timing with my little mini vacation.

I may look at hardware and linux based software options for recording postings and translating it to text as a way to alleviate and capture more of my creative moments.

Hope all of you are taking some time to rest, recover and enjoy life this summer.

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