gratitude and season greetings 2010

20 Dec

Another year has almost ended…perhaps one of the most eventful in a long time.

It was full of adventure, change, love, friendship and many life changing events.

I moved several times and lived in cars, couches & meditation centers. It was full of uncertainty. I never knew what lay around the corner.

And it surprised me, just when I expected it the least, somebody did something wonderful or something amazing happened. Life works that way.

I house sat.

I roughed it.

I visited.

I volunteered.

I meditated.

I traveled.

I visited.

I wrote.

And I didn’t write.

I blogged.

And I didn’t blog.

I twittered.

And I didn’t twitter.

I went without.

Internet was limited.

Computers were broken.

New friends…old friends.

New love.

I learned.

And…I grew.

The year has opened up my eyes to new cultures and the possibilities that the world offers…they are endless. A loved one died. I watched difficult struggles with a few close friends. Distance separates my heart from the love of my life.

I helped where and when I could.

But what touched me the most was the kindness, love and understanding from all the people along the way. Although the year brought some pain it also brought more…it brought gratitude. So many friends have helped me so much..and they didn’t judge me. They just helped. They looked after me this year by sharing their time, offering a couch a warm meal, their friendship and love and looking after me with no conditions.

This year dozens of people stepped up to the plate…and they know who they are. Thank you. I love you guys and I’ll step up to the plate for any of you…any time. And I’ll step up to the plate for so many more, even strangers because that’s what it is all about.

This year I want to remind all of you about ALL those amazing people that you have run into.

Take the time to thank every one of them. That’s what the season and life is all about. Love and Kindness, it does make the world go around.

Be warm. Be safe. Be Happy.

May your season be joyful and the year ahead be prosperous. Thank you for sharing it with me.

This is the last post for the year. Look forward to talking to you next year and am excited to continue the journey.

With love…simply stephen

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