happy holiday 2012

22 Dec

With the world continuing on it’s merry way, I wanted to drop in and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

My Christmas gift is coming early…my daughter is coming for a visit and it is the first time I’ve seen her in about 3 years. It’s also the first Christmas we will remember together as the last one we shared was when she was 2, she’s almost 16 now.

This will be the best Christmas ever…thanks Mum and Dad for flying her over from England.

I hope all of you have someone special to share this holiday time with.

You may have noticed the lack of blog posting’s here and on my other site cope with life. I’ve been preoccupied since my transition off grid to finding winter solutions.

A bit of travel and visiting has me all over the country seeing friends and family. In the New Year I’m hoping to find a great house sit…I was going to Europe but since my daughter is coming here, I don’t have to now. If I can’t find a house sit, I’ll be looking for a couple cool eco projects or volunteer situations, perhaps wwoofing to gain new ideas, skills and friends.

There is another reason I’ve not been blogging too much…it’s time to transition simply stephen to something more. The New Year is a good time to do this and there will be an announcement. I’ll still post here a couple times a month sharing my life and thoughts on green, minimal living but change and growth is a good thing. It’s time to move on to bigger and better things…something that makes a difference.

I’ll leave you with that…what can you do to make a difference in the New Year?




Thanks for listening and sharing with me this year and may you be safe, happy, healthy and prosperous.

As the Irish say “my hand, my heart”.




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