how do you cook off grid

21 Aug

Another of the wonderful questions is “how do you cook off grid, Stephen?” and I usually sarcastically answer, “just like everyone else”.

Here’s the scoop. I have a stove with three burners. It uses propane. Very similar to people that have propane at home.

Since I’m off grid, parked and staying in a single location to not use the vehicle as a fossil fuel guzzling machine, I attach a portable tank when it runs out. Just like people do with camper stoves or a BBQ.

I also have a mini portable BBQ that takes a propane hookup. I seldom use it and am thinking of getting rid of it since I seldom eat meat (but do try to enjoy fish at least once a week).

I had a microwave but it uses a strong burst of power and I seldom use them anyway so it’s gone, leaving me with more space.

Eventually, I’ll get a propane oven…but not until I build my tiny home (probably a luxury tent like structure that will be very portable and light weight).

There are many portable camping stoves and some bigger off grid options. I look forward to setting up a larger kitchen unit with a bigger counter surface and an oven. That should happen next year when I build my first tiny home.

Lighting a fire is also a way to get cooking done. So far, I’ve only had a problem once…the tank ran out of propane. Easily sorted the next morning.

I love cooking but need to eat fresh food without proper refrigeration for this summer.

That leads to the next question…how do you keep your food safe. I’ll tell you later.

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