how to go to the bathroom in my off grid home

8 Jun

Many people ask me this question, “How do you go tot the bathroom in your RV?”.

I usually answer with a tone of sarcasm, “just like everyone else” and a further explanation of the process.

My RV has a toilet and shower area in the back corner and if I was hooked up to water, I would be able to take care of both with a simple flush.

Instead, I use the toilet which goes into a container below.

Same thing, it’s just I have to pour a bit of water down the toilet to clean it out and then give it a scrub and a spray with my vinegar water / tea tree oil solution. This kills several birds with one stone, disposing my waste water from dishes, eliminating smells and removing waste in an sustainable manner.

The container is actually a very large olive jar from a restaurant with a sealed lid, which is perfect for transporting the waste.

I simply seal it up and carry it away, with an option of burying it or disposing of it for a small fee at the municipal waste station or an RV park.

Yours does the same thing, it just goes into a pipe to get there.

I do my best to keep the quantity of liquid waste down and urinate outside during the day, usually around the perimeter of the camp, which marks my presence to other animals, like the bear I encountered a few weeks ago.

At night I pee in a container in the bathroom and dispose of it around the perimeter, again to mark my territory.

Easy…I guess there is much less work for a guy than a girl but it’s still a simple process.

Mostly, I eat organic and healthy food choices, so the waste is not contaminated with chemicals and bacteria. It will simply break down in a normal manner. Healthier life choices involved with simple green living help achieve a balance with the eco system.

options for disposal

Every couple weeks, I compost the remains. There are a few options:

  1. Create a compost area and turn it into soil
  2. Bury it, so it composts
  3. Dispose of it at the municipal waste centre or an RV trailer park for a small fee

There are also many other options for the type of toilet available. The old school way was to go in the woods. Some people use outhouses, which until recently were very common. Other people are now using compost toilets, which much to people’s perception really don’t stink or cost a lot of money and time.

Life is full of solutions and options without any real hardship attached.

It’s not perfect and certainly not the most enjoyable task but it’s only once or twice a month and takes less than half an hour to deal with it.

There are a couple things I do to reduce my waste and paper too. I’ll share that soon.


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