keeping a simple office

31 Aug

A simple office complements a simple life.

The productivity in your office is a conduit for time and prosperity. Without distraction you are much more likely to achieve your goals.

less clutter – less stuff – more productivity

That’s good for the environment, your mind and wallet.

There are three main proponents in keeping a simple office are:

  1. clear your desk – If you don’t use it on a daily basis, get rid of it or put it away. When you need it you can get it. An office without distraction gives you a workable and productive space. It’s also a lot easier to maintain.
  2. only touch an item once – Sounds easy, doesn’t it. Wrong! It’s tough, but a great habit. Example – If you have a physical piece of mail it’s much better to open it, read it, take action, file it and recycle the paper then to stack it in a pile for later. The same goes for email and social media. Once it’s done, it’s done.
  3. do one thing at a time – Try to stop multi-tasking. Pick a task and finish it. While you may think it is a sign of weakness, it actually demonstrates growth and virtue.  By concentrating on the task at hand you will complete quicker and with a greater quality. You also only have to do it once!

10 tools for a simple office

Being location independent is great but involves a little bit of adjustment. Unless you want to carry a number of items, you will want to minimize your stuff. Hauling that stuff gets cumbersome and costly.

  1. laptop
  2. headset with microphone & or travel speakers
  3. Skype (or mobile phone but this can get costly)
  4. internet access
  5. flat work surface
  6. small file binder / file folder for all documents
  7. good lighting
  8. coffee / water mug (I use my stainless steel coffee cup)
  9. moleskin notepad
  10. 2 pens
  11. data storage – USB Key and/or Portable hard-drive

That’s it. If you are like me, you can add quiet environment to get your work done…one that’s conducive to working effectively. Though some thrive in a stimulating environment.

Eliminating items such as a printer is hard for some, but learning to use your computer equipment effectively will help save time and money with all the extra costs and space involved. Going to the printer every once in a while is not really a hardship.

If you work at home and want to have a bit more computer power, a desktop with an LCD Flat panel monitor is a great option. It doubles as an entertainment center too.

What do you do to make sure your office is distraction free? What tools are imperative?


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