keeping your holiday green and simple

7 Dec

Holiday time is a big deal. This time of year we’ve go really crazy. People want to go bigger and better. They stress out. Many spend tons of money. That leads to debt and stress in the new year. All that consumption comes at another cost too…our relationships and the relationship with the planet.

Sound familiar. Sorry to preach but Christmas (or the season) should be about spirit and quality time. Those gifts and expensive activities should take on a secondary role. In fact, you could focus a bit of time and love making a gift or discovering something that is second hand but more useful to the person receiving it.

Instead of continuing on a rant, I would like to share some of the ways you can make your Christmas a little more green. You can make your own recipes. You can find a greener alternative and you can volunteer to get into the true spirit. It’s not about how much you spend. There are tons of activities you can do for almost nothing.

Take a walk through a neighbourhood and look at the lights and decorations. Look in the community papers and websites for all the free and low cost activities. Reduce your footprint and debt load. The impact at Christmas is huge. We can reduce it.

Here’s a few posts I’ve done over the last few years that demonstrate the essence of simplicity and contribute to a green holiday time.

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simple christmas pleasures

As usual, I’m not going to promote and sell. I’m going to encourage change. I’m going to embrace family. I’m going ask you all to slow down and enjoy. I’m just going to keep it simple. My gain is your pleasure.

I’d love to hear how you are making your holiday a little more green. What simple things are you putting in place?

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