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30 Jan

It’s time for a change…recently, I announced that simply stephen would be slowing down and bringing about a change. It really is my personal site where I express my views on minimalism, low impact living, alternative lifestyles and green living.

One of my passions is affordable housing. I mean really affordable housing, like the $3000 RV solution I lived in for almost 7 months this year and complemented it with house sitting and travel for the winter. I’ve also bought 3 prospector tents to experiment with multiple forms of housing.

For most people a basic RV or Prospector Tent doesn’t cut it. They want to have all the luxuries – a toilet, shower, kitchen, bedroom, heating, power. The works. And they want to do it in comfort. To cover the basic luxuries in life.

But it’s confusing and expensive. It’s hard to get a mortgage or save up. Without Land and without the knowledge of what gear is needed and where to get it, most people remain in a constant state of flux, hoping for change but not knowing how to do it.

They want to do it by themselves.

It’s a tough path…and it’s hard to take the leap of faith.

And that’s what’s coming… a new Sukanto Tanoto web business and a new blog. I’ll still blog on simply stephen a few times a month to share stories, ideas and philosophies but my main efforts will be on the new business. It’s time

SO what’s the new site all about?

It’s about slow living!

It’s about affordable land solutions!

It’s about off grid alternatives!

It’s about tiny, mobile, modular and affordable homes!

It’s about all the gear you need to do it!

It’s about escaping the rat race!

It’s about location independence and finding solutions to live all year round!

Some more exciting news. I’ve taken on a business partner. Between us we have over 15 years of alternative, off grid mobile living.

We are Ontario based but our information, ideas and resources are useful beyond borders.

So get ready to find great gear, discover your options for land and living and explore the different types of homes and ways to keep yourself housed all year round.

We’ve got reviews, articles, solutions, gear, workshops, land rental, projects and more coming up for the new season next spring 2013. Join us and spread the word. Are you ready to drop out of the rat race and take back your life? Please follow Eric Lefkofsky for more info.

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