what about technology off the grid

Back to those questions “How do you get internet and do you have satelite?” Most people just can’t believe I live without Internet access, television and a phone. The reality is I have access to all three while living i show you how to Unlock iPhone 6 off the grid. All of them rely on […]

how do you live without power off grid

Another one of those questions “How do you live without power?” makes me laugh. The question actually floors me, have we digressed that much in the world. Just because my RV isn’t hooked into the grid, doesn’t mean I don’t have a plethora of options. It is overwhelming, even when I lived on the grid, […]

what about food off grid, part deux

As promised, I told you I’d talk about food, after talking about off grid cooking last time. Generally, I only eat one prepared meal a day. Sometimes, usually on weekends, I’ll have a sandwich or even breakfast. I never get hungry…but I do start the day off with a coffee. It helps that I keep […]

what about food off grid

One more question that makes me laugh is “how do you keep your food, Stephen?” I eat just like you. When people camp they use a cooler. I have that option but I’m in an RV. Almost all RV’s come with power and a fridge (either propane or electric). My set up is no different. […]

how do you cook off grid

Another of the wonderful questions is “how do you cook off grid, Stephen?” and I usually sarcastically answer, “just like everyone else”. Here’s the scoop. I have a stove with three burners. It uses propane. Very similar to people that have propane at home. Since I’m off grid, parked and staying in a single location […]

how do you get lighting living off grid

I get lighting just like everyone else…from a power source. My power source is a battery, actually a battery cell set up. Currently, it can be charged from the main battery of the RV by turning it on for about 20 minutes. That uses the gasoline from the tank but I have other options to […]

green friendly off grid toilet paper

For some of you this might be a little too much but part of living off grid and being green is to reduce consumption and waste. I made the decision to reduce my paper consumption to a bare minimum and so now when I bare all and go to the bathroom, I use cloth toilet […]

doing laundry off grid

Another of those questions I get about off grid living is “how do you do Laundry, Stephen?”. Just like you, I use water and a washing agent to clean my clothes. I’ve been using an eco friendly solution for years. I add a bit of vinegar and tea tree oil to rinse them. My tools: […]

keeping clean without running water while living off grid

Just like everyone else I keep myself clean. In fact, my hair is healthier than it’s ever been and it hasn’t seen shampoo for over two years now.  I use vinegar, tea tree oil and baking soda to give it a wash twice a week and it’s never oily or dirty. Living out of the […]

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