rants, raves & rhetoric: the 3rs – february 24, 2012

24 Feb

Recently, I’ve been thinking about community. There are so many different kinds of online community now. It’s easy to get lost in the madness or overwhelmed by it all.

Perhaps, a little bit of both.

I’ve tried various things on social media and am very adept and familiar with it. I also have a marketing background and understand many of the intricacies of networking and many of the shortcomings too.

I’m quite the introvert and have suffered depression with chronic fatigue over the past decade. I’m well on my way to recovery now but…it’s one thing that has kept me from building and maintaining a strong community on my blog.

Things are different now. I’m much healthier and am gaining back my strength and focus.

So…I can concentrate on blogging and being more social.

I’ve narrowed my social media down to a few (Facebook and LinkedIn are not two of them) where I will be sharing and connecting. I also had too many websites and with them too many profiles. I’m down to two active blogs with a business launch on the way (by the summer hopefully).

My profiles are being streamlined. I’ll share them with you soon. I’m reactivating myself on some forums.

I may turn off the comments on the blog and encourage people to go to these communities to talk. I’m not sure yet. Many minimalists and bloggers do this. I actually think it is a good way to build a stronger conversation in places designed for building community.

Generally, simply stephen talks about life. In the case of this blog it’s all about a smaller footprint, minimalism, location independence, sustainable choices, simplicity, frugality and just plain old green simple living. On my other blog cope with life, I talk about mental health and overcoming life obstacles (the search for happiness in life).

That isn’t changing.

I’ve been very busy writing some great articles this month with a focus on depression at cope with life and household waste reduction on simply stephen:

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simply stephen

a four step guide to curb your impulse

10 less obvious ways to reduce household waste

12 obvious ways to reduce household waste

simplicity is bliss

neglected items in the recycle loop

zero waste begins with you

little by little does the trick – a lesson from aesop

Those are some great articles. You can see I’ve been busy and I didn’t list all of them. I love sharing them with you and get a pretty good number of visitors dropping by…but I want to continue the conversation after each post.

I want to share with you.

I want to connect with people that have similar minds and values.

I’m not looking for vast quantities of community but rather quality. A small army or tribe of great followers that can connect and support each other in common goals.

I’ve set up a new Twitter account and on Google+ and there are a few other places you will find me.

My focus recently has also been at cope with life as I am preparing to launch a high value course called (Lessons In Life) LiL Helpers. There has been lots of activity and focus. It’s quite deliberate. This site will be next…watch for many subtle improvements and a launch of an email course later in the spring.

In the meantime, your feedback and participation is encouraged.

Introduce yourself.

Share my articles with people that you think would like to connect.

Tell me about yourself and get to know me.

Community is important to me…not a follower count. I look forward to hearing from you and will gather a more organized profile of the communities where you will find me. Look for that in the coming weeks.

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