rants, raves & rhetoric: the 3rs – june 17, 2011

17 Jun

Welcome back. It seems summer is finally here in Toronto. A bit cooler which makes it pleasant.

In my last post you might have noticed a mention about a trip to the Yukon for some summer exploration and work. I’ve been before and could spend part of every summer up there. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, the potential contract work I had fell through. For the time being anyway. All is not lost. I’m still pushing to see if I can get up there for August and September.

I love a good adventure.

Adventure is what stimulates me.

It gives me a raison d’etre.

Provides me with fodder for writing.

Creates life experience.

That is what it is all about.

When the opportunity was presented it hit me like a hell yeah moment. “Let’s do it” I said. There are many excuses and obstacles we create to not do stuff. Instead I like to go with the opportunity to see something new.

Shake things up a bit.

That got me thinking about how I want to live and where. You know my answer. I want to live everywhere. I love Ontario and want to spend time here every year, especially for some of the summer but I love to see how other people live. I want to explore green life everywhere.

looking at option

I’ve been looking at small camper vans and RVs but unless I can swing a good trade for my decent and fuel efficient car I will probably look at light weight trailers. I may be on the road for quite some time, even permanently so I want shower, sink, washroom, heater, kitchen & electric. I don’t need much space. Size is less important than function and comfort.

That leads me to winters.

I want to be in Europe or overseas, like China visiting a close friend every winter for 2-3 months. As a writer, I can be anywhere. There is no security in a heavy mortgage and financial responsibility to maintain an apartment or home. To me that is just an expense and a burden. So….the saga will continue and I am taking the bull by the horns on this one.

social media

You may have noticed that my Twitter account is a little more active. I’ve been cleaning it up as promised. So far I have unfollowed people that haven’t tweeted for 60 days or more. I’ve also eliminated almost all of the accounts that speak seo or web marketing and the ones with huge numbers of tweets or followers. That way I can focus on my stream. I’m down to about 2400 people that I follow and would like to reduce it to around 1000 people.

If I have unfollowed you and you want to speak with me, consider @reply as I try to respond to all discussions. It may mean I will follow you later. For those of you that I accidentally erase, sorry in advance. Just drop me a line. I enjoy talking to all of you but feel it is about quality over quantity.

Please – drop me a line.

Twitter me

Add a comment on the sites – Any of the sites.

Invite me to visit your site. I love to participate and help when I can. As an introvert, sometimes I’m quiet. As a ecopreneur, sometimes I’m just focused on other things. I will talk if you give me the poke.

site insights

As for the site. I’ve managed to get caught up on my inventory of articles and am taking the time to get all the extras done. Cleaning up the sites. Adding plugins. Creating value added material and developing my business model. Let’s face it, simply stephen is currently a blog. That was my intent. I generally make my money writing and getting creative with resources.

A friend mentioned that my site was spartan.

A good observation. I thought about this and that is one of the things I was trying to achieve. Guess I’ve done my job well. Maybe too well. I want my sites to offer very little in the way of distractions. Easy to read. Nice clean look. I do however, need to add a few tools and extras for ya. Coming. Coming. I am known to be slow like tortoise.

new developments

There are business ideas that need to be implemented but simply stephen will remain my voice. I am excited about the two things that I am working on. Yep, I’m doing two. One right after the other. The one focuses on content for green websites and the other is an essential step that anyone can participate in to make a huge green impact (almost pain free too).

That’s all for now. Here’s a recap of the recent musings on the network:

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Tired of Marketing Hype?

Until next time. Thank you for dropping by.


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