rants, raves & rhetoric: the 3rs – may 20, 2011

20 May

Okay it’s time to update the “going ons” here at the simply stephen network. Spring is often a busy time. This year was no different. I took an inventory and started to clean house. For many the New Year is a time of new beginnings but for me I take the time to reflect and clean up every spring. Although I review and contemplate as a regular routine, spring seems fresh for me and brings new hope and direction.

Some of you may have noticed that I added living on a dime to the mix and removed have a niche day. As mentioned before, my decision was based on the directions I wanted to take and double dipping. I’m very happy to take my internet marketing voice off site to VRED Voice. I’m also much more excited about the opportunity to share green living and help you save money.

building my community

My community interaction and networking has dropped substantially in the last few months. I want to apologize for this and am trying to find a good balance of socializing, writing, income generation and networking. I encourage all of you to start talking to me on Twitter and adding your two cents in the comments. I’d love to get some good conversations going.

FYI…socializing is very hard for me. I’m an extreme introvert. I find my energy quickly drains if I spend too much time doing social activities. This is a hard concept for many people to grasp as it goes against how they function. But it is a normal behaviour for an extreme introvert. I like interacting but need to do it in small, controlled chunks.

For those of you that have dropped by before I invite you to return and have a chat. I’d love to hear from you. I always try to visit my visitors sites, retweet and add value to your experience. I would love to reconnect with some of you and start talking both here and on your turf. For those that are new, please introduce yourself and let’s get to know each other.

bounce rates, cleaner sites and valuable content

You may have noticed the sites look quite a bit different. Cleaner and easier to use. That’s because I’ve been slowly tweaking them. Thanks to Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips I changed the size of the fonts on all my sites to help with the bounce rate and it seems to have a secondary effect – the site just looks better.

Little bit at a time to make the experience better for you. I will continue to make improvements until all the proponents of a clean and effective web site are in place…after all the web is dynamic. Changes should always take place, bit by bit.

The focus for June is going to be resources and extras. It may involve the launch of one or two websites (they complement each other). That means I plan on having an extensive list of links and resources for you. I hope to index the site more effectively and yes…I am finally going to add an email list. I have been quite silly to avoid this and think that I can manage to add value without the same old “crap” you normally get in an email list.

Think I’ve ranted enough for this edition so I’d like to share my recent postings with you in case you missed anything.

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And so without further rants…signing off until next time.

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