rants, raves & rhetoric: the 3rs – may 6, 2011

6 May

It’s been a while since my last edition of rants, raves & rhetoric. A busy month in April and I had some big decisions to make on the direction I wanted to take the sites. As you may have noticed I shut down have a niche day. This wasn’t an easy decision but since I already have a voice on “niche marketing” over at VRED Voice it seemed redundant.

Not only did I move last month but I was also without power and/or Internet access for no less than 6 days. For those of you that don’t know, I’ll let the cat out of the bag. For a number of years I have suffered from chronic fatigue which has contributed to my depression and anxiety. Mostly, I have things under control but some months it seems to hit hard. I had two doctor’s appointments that take me out of commission for a couple days traveling in and out of Toronto as I also take the time to visit with friends and family.

So…that been said. I’ve added living on a dime back into the network. I felt it was the perfect mix of what people need help with saving money and being green doing it. You can expect to see the first post next week. Still need to do a little bit of tweaking on that site and some minor changes to the other sites. Looking forward to adding tools, resources and offers over the summer on all the sites.

Not quite ready with my decision on email marketing. Want to make certain it adds value. One thing for sure, the content is doing well in search and the numbers are still up on all the sites for traffic, subscriptions and revenue. Traffic really does generate well from the search engines and social media is pretty flat. Trying to find a social networking routine that works for me with comments, Twitter and LinkedIn. Maybe a few lenses and hubs too.

One of the reasons I delayed rants, raves & rhetoric was because I wanted to change the order of posting days with the changes. I’ve decided.

  1. cope with life will still have a regular posting on Tuesday
  2. living on a dime will post on Thursday
  3. simply stephen will have a regular post on Wednesday with rants, raves & rhetoric on most Friday’

There have been a few postings that you may have missed out on:

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Still working on the theme to explain various types of green living.

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a new term lohas – lifestyles of health and sustainability

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That’s all for now folks. Until next time. Thanks for dropping in.

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