simply show up and your efforts will count

30 Nov

Remember those teachers that said “if you simply show up every day you will pass this course”. Some may view that as apathetic. Actually it demonstrates commitment and care.

If you care about something simply showing up demonstrates that. That attribute is a noble quality. In the real world the same rule applies. By showing up you are making a contribution.

Let’s go back to the school example for a second.

What the teacher is saying is by showing up they understand you are committed to the class. There is mutual respect and courtesy. You will be exposed to the curriculum. You are available to ask questions and learn. You will receive and probably hand in all the assignments.

Ultimately, by showing up, you will contribute. That effort and work is a key to success.

The world is run by people that show up. ~ unknown

If you want to run the world or your life and stop being run over your entry point is to show up. That’s Pareto’s principle right there – 80% of your work is over. Your authentic self will contribute the rest of the results.

You can’t win a marathon if you don’t enter the race and show up. All your practice, thoughts and intentions are lost. You need to show up to compete or your efforts have been to no avail.

Some important areas to consider;

friends & relationships – showing up for friends & family means you care. If you always bail out your contribution is limited. An absent friend or family member is not adding value and offering support and companionship. Eventually all may be lost. Showing up builds relationships, reliance and trust. Do you want to have a friend you can count on? Make sure you can be counted on too.

life – it is not by luck that people are healthy and happy. The ones that show up for activities, exercise and interests have demonstrated a commitment to something. They are there to achieve and get results. They learn and grow from their participation. That is why they look better, communicate better, have more stories to tell an wreak of success. They’ve experienced it by showing up and are making the effort to improve.

community – you add value by volunteering and participating in community events. Every little bit really does help. Just one little 10 minute activity helps. It’s 10 minutes that wasn’t available before. Your resources and efforts raise awareness and demonstrate care to the people that may need it the most.

work & business – if you aren’t there to participate in shaping the organizations that create our futures, develop our products and govern our lands how can anything change. The decisions are made by people that are present. If you are not involved in that process how will your views and ideas be implemented. To make a difference you have to be there.

You really can change the world.

Prosperity beats scarcity any day. Next time you think your actions don’t count, think again and simply show up.

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