the long and winding off grid road

20 Apr

The road has been long and winding to my journey off grid. Sometimes a bit bumpy but eventful and certainly exciting, none the less.

There’s tons going on.

I’m in the middle of a big transition to an off grid lifestyle. So far I’ve faced a number of obstacles but am finding solutions for all of them…or at least stop gaps.

I’ve found a 150 acre property at a place called Eden Wild in the Muskoka cottage region of Ontario, Canada. It’s a planned intentional community in the early stages for people interested in sustainable, low impact living.

I’ve talked about my desire to live in a tiny home.

I believe, in Ontario it is possible to build a comfortable off grid house with all the amenities for under $50,000. I’m shooting for $25,000 and I’ve referenced it before as the Yurtopia Project. The project has been simmering in the background for a few years but it’s bubbling to the surface now.

I’ll talk more about in the coming months. If you are interested in participating in our intentional community, please contact me at community AT simplystephen DOT ca for further details or to introduce yourself.

It’s really for people ready to drop out of the rat race and enjoy life. Non denominational and it’s not a work farm.

We would look at sharing infrastructure.

We would have a greenhouse and orchards.

We would maintain off grid power together.

A think tank sustainable community with common goals in a laid back atmosphere.

Much more to come on this in good time…so much more.

the last few weeks

Quite out of character, I’ve travelled out of town for 5 weekends in a row leaving me exhausted. But things need to get taken care of.

I’m tired. There is so much more to do.

For those of you not aware of what’s going on, I bought an RV (recreational vehicle) in October. It’s an older model with all the basics (stove, shower, toilet, sink, fridge, microwave, beds) and I’m not putting it on the road (except to move it). The purpose was to make my transition to off grid living in a tiny home.

Onto the next chapter in life.

So over the next few weeks I’ll fill you in briefly on my preparations, decisions and antics.

There are many things I need to take care of including water, power (to run the appliances), technology (so I can blog), waste management, toilet management, garden, moving the RV, lighting, food and upgrades to the interior.

I’ll have some separate posts on each.

I’ve been tooling up for the move and getting rid of some stuff. Things that are no longer necessary for an off grid mobile living arrangements and things that are mandatory.

My mobile lifestyle is going to lead to many changes in my life.

In Canada, it would be virtually impossible to live in an RV over the winter.

My plan to be location independent is really a two pronged approach. I love Ontario, especially in the summer, but also love to travel. With a daughter living in England, I want to be able to spend the winter in Europe and summer in Canada. Now I can do that with a permanent home base.

I will blogging at the library and have limited Internet access. For the next 4-6 weeks my plate is very full with all the arrangements. I’ll be trying to get at least one post up every week but it will take until June to build a routine and discover all the ins and outs. Thanks for your patience…there will be lots of good stuff coming about the off grid lifestyle and why I have chosen this route.

Look forward to sharing more soon.

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