the proud owner of 3 prospector tents

27 Sep

Even though we are late in the season, Neil (the other RVer on site) and I decided to buy 3 large canvas prospector tents for $100 total. They are manufactured by the Timothy Eaton Company (sadly a Canadian Iconic Company no longer in business).

We picked them up a few weeks ago from an interesting guy living on an island in the Muskoka region. He showed us his property along with ideas for solar power harnessing and storage, an interesting compost toilet, passively heated shower stall and many other cool ideas.

Thanks Manfred.

The tents are a sign of things to come.

We’ve already set them up and played with them a bit this year. Sadly this season is coming to a close but I’m getting excited about the second half of my journey, discovering housing and managing work while traveling and visiting between November and March. I’ll finally be heading to Europe for at least a couple months to visit with my daughter – long overdue, it’s been 3 years since I saw her last.

The tents are experiments but also offer us affordable housing options for guests, visitors and new “members”. They are also an option for storage or work areas to keep things safe and dry. We are considering using them for workshops and events too.

Many options.

We are planning and very actively working on big things for next year.

New property.

More power.


Better Equipment.

New Community of cooperative based living to save the bucks and share interests.

…and the start of a full scale, full season affordable living blueprint for anyone in Ontario. We aren’t talking about a $100,000 solution either. We’re targeting the $5 to 10K mark. If you are interested in a bit more info contact us at community AT simplystephen DOT ca or stay tune. Further detail will be coming next week and in the weeks to come. Investors, sponsors, media and interested community members are welcome.

Until then…

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