what about food off grid, part deux

23 Aug

As promised, I told you I’d talk about food, after talking about off grid cooking last time.

Generally, I only eat one prepared meal a day. Sometimes, usually on weekends, I’ll have a sandwich or even breakfast. I never get hungry…but I do start the day off with a coffee.

It helps that I keep a snack of nuts around for the day. Usually a light snack and some fruit will suffice.

Living off grid is about deliberate living. You have to take the time to think about consumption.

Off grid eating is like all forms of simplicity … easy once you get the hang of it.

Choosing carefully what you eat is the trick to cooking it.

Basically, I eat well. I try to cook nice meals with fresh food. Nothing is wasted. I also cook from scratch, which saves a ton of money.

I try to eat simple meals.

I buy from the local farmer’s market or look for food from local farmer’s.

I can enjoy many things in the summer that don’t include cooking. Since I don’t have enough power to keep my electric fridge running I eat many fresh foods.


Veggies and herbs from the garden.

Fish from the market.

Hard cheeses that last for longer.

I also cook batches of things like chili and put them in jars while they are hot. That way, I can keep them free from oxygen and eat them as much as a few weeks later. I’ll get more serious about canning and jarring at a later date.

When I’m in Toronto, I stock up on pasta, grains, beans, cous cous, spices and other basic foods to make a great meal with.

I’m never in need for food. My stock is always ample.

Since I have a fridge but not enough power to keep it running, I make sure I am careful with what I buy and how much.

This means I don’t waste anything.

I use my fridge to store my food and for things like milk, I have replaced it with evaporated, condensed and almond milk, which last for a long time. They go great in coffee too!

keeping things clean

It’s important to keep your area clean from smells.

Smells that attract rodents, bugs and bears!

I have a system. I store all my food in containers. Mostly glass and glass jars since I hate plastic. The rest goes in the fridge to keep the mice and fruit flies away. It also acts as a good storage solution.

When I cook, I wipe things down right away and clean up immediately after dinner…well, usually. The dishwater goes in a container and I use it to flush my toilet. I told you I wasted nothing.

I also compost my food waste and bury it every week or so.

Keeping the smells and waste to a minimum, keeps my area healthy to.

Guess I’ve got a good constitution when it comes to eating food.

Next year, I’ll work on a portable propane fridge that can be used in my new tiny home tent. I’m hoping to design an all in one kitchen and water heating unit for cooking, heating water and refrigeration. I’ve even found a portable propane guy that specializes in this kind of stuff.

Propane is currently the best long term solution and only cost a few dollars a week for most Rvers and tiny home afficionados.

Sometimes I’ve used a cooler bag with ice. I could have bought a cooler but have rarely suffered. Apart from ice cream and most dairy, I’ve done fine without.

All told…foods have been fresh and delicious this summer. Next year I can have a few luxuries.

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