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22 Aug

One more question that makes me laugh is “how do you keep your food, Stephen?”

I eat just like you. When people camp they use a cooler. I have that option but I’m in an RV. Almost all RV’s come with power and a fridge (either propane or electric).

My set up is no different. It’s an electric mini fridge and when the power is working in June (because I need to add an inverter for AC power) I will have full use of it.

I store my regular dishes in the cupboard, just like you do in your kitchen. I don’t use paper or plastic plates and create waste. In the long run it costs so much more money to use disposable products and actually time to, picking them up and removing the waste.

My food goes under the sink and above it, though I’m hoping to build a more functional and aesthetically pleasing shelf.

That’s really all there is too it. I may get a cooler at some point to conserve power as I don’t have too many foods that need a fridge. People are shocked about this, usually because they have so many “processed” and pre made meals, mixes and meat.

I just don’t do meat, it doesn’t interest me often and I know what is in it. I also want to help the environment and all that methane isn’t good.

Nice raw, fresh food. A selection of various fair trade, organic teas. Fair trade, organic coffee in the morning on the stove. Some cous cous with cilantro, veggies and spices. Nuts, raisins, salads. Simple snacks.

A garden…so many ways to have fresh, inexpensive food.

The farmer’s market runs in different near by towns throughout the week, so I can pick up fresh what I need almost every day or two.

Food is so easy but it just takes a deliberate habit to make it simple. I don’t need a jam packed fridge. I use what I have and make new the next week. Low budget, low calorie. Fresh from scratch. A habit everyone should consider.

When I get down to the big city, Toronto, I stock up on spices and many foods that are much expensive up north. Might as well kill as many birds with one stone.

Seldom do I eat out, so my food and entertainment budget comes in at under $40 a week.

I’ll give you some new thoughts tomorrow…this was a prepared article, tomorrow was just some extra info.


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