winding down for the location independent winter adventure

16 Oct

You’ve probably noticed an absence of blogging recently.

There are a number of reasons.

I’ve had very little time and access to the web and when I did it was for a short bursts. With the days getting shorter, our small solar system has provided very little in the way of power.

To top things off, it’s pretty well been cold, wet, rainy and overcast for most of September and October – no exaggeration.

The first week of October I helped a friend paint a cottage equiped with whynter arc-14sh AC followed by the Canadian Thanksgiving so I was at my family cottage to celebrate. I also needed to pick up supplies in Toronto and get ready for the up and coming winter.

I’m actually staying here in the RV until the middle of November.

So far, it’s been cold and wet since the end of August. Quite a contrast to our hot and rainless summer. Fortunately, I have a little propane heater and many blankets so I’m generally keeping warm. It’s been closing in on zero degrees at night.

With all the bad weather it’s been difficult to get things done outside too. I want to put things away, clean up, cover up wood, clean the RV, pack and prep for my winter travel routine.


My life is interesting to say the least.

I’m location independent with a home base in central Ontario’s cottage regions. I spend the spring, summer and fall in Ontario and travel / work for the winters.

This year some of it will be in Europe.

Before winter I will visit friends in Kingston (twice), drive to Alberta (near or in Calgary) to see several friends, return to Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catherine’s and Kingston for a few weeks at Christmas and than go to Europe.

Europe is a bit hazy so far, but I’ll be in England to see my daughter and will be looking for a house sit. I may stay in England or try to house sit in Spain, France, Ireland, Italy or the Netherlands.

Ideas anyone…Bueler, Bueler.

I may even look for a unique work experience with a tiny alternative home builder.

If anyone has any opportunities please contact me, I’m open to other countries too and since I have dual Canadian and British Citizenship, I can work in Europe.

Soon I’ll be making a more formal announcement.

I’ll be winding simply stephen down over the winter and it will become much more of a personal blog with less frequent posting. I’ll spend a bit more time on cope with life (my site for depression, anxiety and mental health) over the winter months when people need it the most. That pattern is generally permanent.

The bigger news is about affordable off grid, mobile, tiny home lifestyles.

I’m transitioning into a different website (with a business partner and friend Neil). We’ll be morphing into services that offer land, gear, housing and assistance for people in Ontario (and globally).

We want to help you live, breath and enjoy the tiny home and location independent lifestyle. Next spring we are buying our own land…and we want you to join us in something amazing.

More details to follow…until then, enjoy your week.

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