winds of change – it’s fall

5 Oct

With fall upon us here in Canada, so come the winds. Quite fitting with all the changes I have been going through. The winds of change are here and it’s fall.

Let me give you a quick update. I’ve been wanting to say more, do more and be more BUT living out of a suitcase has had it’s disadvantages. I’m not quite as functional as I had hoped.

Limited Internet access for instance, means no blogging and no work. Wireless doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes my access is so limited I can’t even get a phone call through to my daughter. Staying with friends or strangers means an adjustment to your schedule and your means are limited.

Quite a bit of personal stuff has been keeping me busy, including a relationship that can never be because of cultural philosophies – very sad that culture closes doors. I’m open to all cultures, I’m very global and seek to remove barriers and obstacles but sometimes it is out of your hands. My visit with my birth family has left a bitter taste that I hope to resolve with love and time. As usual, my family (the one I grew up with) is distant and lacks understanding. I have never been close with my family but it doesn’t make life easier. I will be unable to visit with my daughter until I can take care of some of things…this is all just part of life and I’m embracing the challenges ahead.

So it was time for me to get a place again and I am trying to find some steady work for the interim to get rid of some pesky debt and have a little more ability to do what I want – blog and change the world. Only then can I help you and make a difference.

So if I don’t get back to your comments or my posts are not quite as regular, know that it will be short lived and I’ll always be around and blogging but will have some slow moments. Thanks for your patience and understanding and here’s to the winds of fall. Change is good, so I’m going to embrace it and see where it leads.

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3 Responses to winds of change – it’s fall


Michelle Adams

October 6th, 2010 at 8:21 am

Stephen it sounds like you’ve been going through a tough time, I’m sorry to hear that things haven’t panned out as you would have hoped.

“…embracing the challenges ahead.”, this tells me you are strong…a Warrior in fact.

Even the most difficult of circumstances can lead to the most magical outcomes. Keep the faith that you’re walking the right road for you, even if it feels like you’re walking through mud right now.

Sending you some Aussie sunlit thoughts.



October 8th, 2010 at 1:52 am

Hi Stephen.

I have to agree with Michelle: “Keep the faith that you’re walking the right road…” You are making a lot of changes all at once, right now. A warrior spirit for sure. I wonder what you’re laying the groundwork for in the future?


simply stephen

October 12th, 2010 at 11:56 pm

@michelle thanks for the sunlight. Life has always certainly taken it’s turns. I like to share why, demonstrate that you keep moving forward and that life has it’s ups and downs. It’s okay. We don’t need to hide the bad and only show the good – it’s all good. It builds virtue and character. This time I’m up for the ride and am enjoying the prospects of what’s to come.

@davina Sometimes…I wish for the stagnant water, but realize that without the change, we cannot grow. The groundwork seems to be an ever changing canvas…time will tell. As long as I can learn and teach along the way then it will all be worth it and I’ll enjoy the journey. Thanks for your encouragement.

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